Wintergreen Resort Conditions for Ski/Ride on a specific weekend.

Wintergreen Resort Conditions for Ski/Ride on a specific weekend.

As it has been said many times, if I had a ticket (or quarter these days) for everytime someone has asked me if the upcoming weekend will be good for skiing….

So I decided to write this post and create a formula for skiers/riders or caretakers or drivers of skiers or drivers to check for themselves and make a decision that is comfortable for them.

  • Check the only accurate weather for the mountain top on the mountain where the slopes and lifts are:  Go to the upper right hand corner of the Wintergreen Resort website:
  •  XX F Weather (click on Weather) – Evaluate the hour by hour and the ten day forecast
    • Click on Slope Report and scroll down:  Slope Report
      • Wintergreen gets very little natural snow and the slope report will tell you how much snow (air and water) that they have been able to make (when weather is below 29 degrees and humidity factor.  Look at the average base:
        • Click on Mtn Cam and scroll down to several webcams:  Mountain Web Cam
        • The Checkerberry Cam is the one at the bottom of Dobie Top and Bottom on one side and top and bottom of Diamond Hill on the other side.  This is the one most indicative of beginner through intermediate skill levels and the busiest.  You can see how much snow, how many skiers, conditions (soft, packed, ice…) and what the weather is like at the time.
  • An optional way to quick check weather is at the bottom of our website:
    •  Accuweather in the footer of our website page:  AccuWeather

So here is the formula and short of looking outside, check the formula above (especially the webcams) and the age and equipment (clothing layers available for snow, rain, bitter cold and wind chill require “expedition weight long johns”) and DESIRE of the Skier/Rider.  9 years old and above should be able to make their own choice about skier/rider sessions if they have the necessary skills to slow down and stop and don’t ride with peer experience/skill level, but their own experience/skill level.

When I learned to ski (over 50), put my hours in, bought the necessary equipment in, studied to become and became a Professional Ski Instructor, nothing could hold me back.  I had the clothing to ski in rain, snow, below zero, and loved spring conditions.  AND IT WAS IN MY BLOOD and I wanted to ski.  Anyone waiting for perfect conditions should pick up another sport indoors.

Another factor is your flexibility:  This past weekend it rained hard quite a bit.  Guests had a Monday 6:00 pm check-out – but had packed up at 11:00 to go home.  Absolutely a beautiful day to ski.  The other days over the weekend had periods during the days where it was nice to ski than others, so patience and a couple of hours at a time might be all you get and good enough?  Nothing is perfect.